About the 1St IMBS About the 1St IMBS

The First Iranian Marine Biology Symposium (The 1st IMBS) will be organized by the School of Biology, College of Science, University of Tehran, and will take place in Tehran on February 18-20, 2019. The IMBS aims to become the leading bi-annual symposium to gather scientists, researchers, students, and governmental/non-governmental organizations/agencies charged with marine ecosystems, providing them with an opportunity to present their recent findings and current policies from basic to applied sciences, and environmental- and climate-related changes.

The symposium scopes include, but are not limited to:

  • Session 1: Taxonomy and phylogeny of marine organisms
  • Molecular species identification of marine microbiomes, plants, and animals
  • Biogeography or phylogeography of microbiomes, plants, invertebrate and vertebrates
  • Evolutionary biology of marine organisms
  • Session 2: Biology and ecology of marine microbiomes, plants, invertebrate and vertebrates
  • Ecological and developmental biology in marine organisms
  • Integrative biology of marine organisms (reproduction, growth, development, …)
  • Invasive species: Biology, risk assessment and management
  • Session 3: Biological diversity, functional morphology, and food web in marine ecosystems
  • Conservation of marine biological diversity and resources
  • Marine food chains, fishery and mariculture
  • Marine genetic resources
  • Morphological diversities in marine organisms at different evolutionary scales
  • Genome banking of economically important and endangered marine organism
  • Session 4: Impacts of climate change and human activities on marine ecosystems
  • Impacts of environmental contaminants on integrative biology of marine organisms
  • Climate- and mariculture-related changes in marine ecosystems and biological resources
  • Effects of climate change on environmental disasters including oil spills and pollution
  • Environmental risk assessment: Exposure assessment, policy and management
  • Ocean acidification and its impacts on organisms and communities
  • Session 5: Fishery, mariculture, and marine biotechnology
  • Mariculture of marine organisms including economic and ornamental important species  
  • Fishery and sustainable mariculture development (cage culture, seed collection, …)
  • Marine microbiomes as a source of natural products
  • Marine drug discovery and production
  • Socio-economic impacts of fishery and mariculture
  • Special panel 1: Roles of marine ecosystem in Carbon sequestration
  • Special panel 2: Biological conservation of endangered marine organisms

The Symposium will be held under the auspices of the following organizations:

  • University of Tehran
  • Iranian Fisheries Science Research Institute
  • Iranian National Institute for Oceanography and Atmospheric Science,
  • Department of Environment, vice-President of the Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Iranian Fishery Organization
  • Iranian Public Universities
  • Islamic Azad University

We are doing our best to provide you with a memorable event, and looking forward to welcoming you to the 1st IMBS in Tehran!