The First Iranian Marine Biology Symposium (The 1st IMBS)

Tehran, February 18-20, 2019

Abstract Guidelines Abstract Guidelines

Title of the abstract (Times New Roman, Bold, Size 12, and should not be longer than two lines)

Two lines space: Line 1

Line 2

First and Family name 1,*, First and Family Name 2, First and Family Name 3, First and Family name 4, First and Family Name 5 (Times New Roman, normal, Size 10)

One line space: Line 1

1 Department, Faculty, College, University, City, P.O. Box, Country

2 Department, Faculty, University, City, P.O. Box, Country

3 Department/Division, Institute/Organization, City, P.O. Box, Country

4 Office, Organization, City, P.O. Box, Country

5 Company, City, P.O. Box, Country

* Corresponding author, phone: +98-021-12345678, e-mail:  (All addresses in Times New Roman, normal, Size 10)

Two lines space: Line 1

Line 2

Please write abstract on your work (Times New Roman, normal, Size 11). Abstract should not be more than 500 words. Please do not cite any reference in your abstract and consider the structure as follows:

The first paragraph highlights the significance of the work and the aim of study.

The second paragraph contains brief description of the methods.

The third paragraph is the place for major findings (results)

The fourth paragraph displays conclusion of the study.

One line space

Please insert acknowledgements in maximum two lines, if it is required (Times New Roman, normal, Size 11)

More information
All margins (top, bottom, left, right): 2.54 cm

Please not to use Italic for Scientific names of species in the title or main body of the abstract

Line spaces are Times New Roman, normal, Size 12

The 1st IMBS organizing committee does not foresee any editing, the author is fully responsible for the contents and language.


Please download the guidelines for preparation of an abstract here

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