1. Consulting to dean of college in international issues
  2. Making connection, in international affairs, between the schools in the college and the office of vice president of UT for international affairs
  3.  Active representation of the UT college of science in international associations and scientific networks
  4. Arranging mutual official meetings and visits
  5. Helping the faculty members and students, providing them with information and giving them advice in international issues
  6. Helping the international students aiming to study at our schools
  7. Helping the international faculty members/researchers in their visiting to our college
  8. Developing the exchange, visiting and bilateral cooperation programs with the universities and research centers abroad
  9. Following the place of the schools of the college in international subject rankings and help to improve their places
  10. Following the "International" links of the web pages of the schools and giving advice for their improvements
  11. Providing administrative assistance for the sabbatical leave of faculty members
  12. Providing administrative assistance for the participation of the faculty members and graduate students in international conferences