- Mon, 24 Jun 2024


Center of Excellence in Phylogeny of Living Organisms in Iran


  • The center creates a world class laboratory of interdisciplinary biological research to develop phylogeny, biodiversity and bioinformatics of the living organisms in Iran
  • It consists of faculties with expertise in phylogeny and biodiversity of microbial, invertebrate and vertebrate organisms

Working Groups

  • Working group 1: Phylogeny and biodiversity of plant species in Iran

  • Working group 2: Phylogeny and biodiversity of animal species in Iran

  • Working group 3: Phylogeny and biodiversity of microbial species in Iran


  • Hossein Akhani, PhD, Professor
  • Mohammad Ali Amoozegar, PhD, Professor
  • Farideh Attar, PhD, Professor
  • Javad Hamedi, PhD, Professor
  • Shahrokh Kazempour Osaloo, PhD, Professor (Tarbiat Modares University)
  • Masoumeh Malek, PhD, Professor
  • Vahid Niknam, PhD, Professor
  • Mohammad Reza Soudi, PhD, Associate Professor (Alzahra University)
  • Ameneh Rezayof, PhD, Professor
  • Alireza Sari, PhD, Professor
  • Masoud Sheydaei, PhD, Associate Professor (Shahid Beheshti University)
  • Shahin Zare, PhD, Professor