Vice-Dean for Research and Graduate Studies

The vice-dean for research and graduate studies is committed to supporting our faculty and graduate students.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Coordinating the graduate admission procedures and registration each semester
  • Providing advice and guidance to graduate students and faculty about research policies, class lists, and exams
  • Evaluation and approving of the proposals for theses and dissertations, screening of the research progress, and approving extensions and suspensions of study
  • Approving the appointment of internal and external examiners for research degrees (viva)
  • Contributing to the strategic development of the graduate programs (syllabus collection)
  • Coordinating meeting of the School Graduate Studies Committee, and attending all relevant committee meetings at the College of Science
  • Promotes on-going graduate programs and taking the lead in the development of new graduate program
  • Evaluation and approving research proposals from basic to applied perspectives
  • Coordinating postdoctoral program
  • Coordinating academic related information on the website
  • Assist the Dean with data input related to classes, grading, student schedules, evaluation of the faculty by graduate students, and etc.


Graduate Office

Secretary:Bahareh Fahimi

Phone: +98 (021) 61113732